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Volume 1 Preorder!

2010-07-16 08:06:24

The initial shipment of the book has arrived and it looks INCREDIBLE! I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

This is a full color, hardcover book, 192 pages (with an additional page of the story that won't ever go online). All for $20 plus shipping!

And from now until August 16th you can get the book with a custom sketch inside on the title page for FREE. Just let me know what you want drawn in the order notes. This sort of thing will cost another $5 later on, so take advantage! (The reason this is a preorder is because I won't get all the books until mid August; I have a small amount to debut at San Diego Comic-Con. But if I have leftovers I'll be sure to ship them out earlier.)

There are also a bunch of other new items in the brand new store. Two new shirts, a couple prints, and a poster. So if you ever wanted to support the comic now is your chance!