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2010-08-28 19:58:58

Next week is going to be the first page of Volume 2!

As for the current fate of Eight Herbs Mountain, it will mostly be a do-it-when-I-can situation. I have every intention of finishing this arc, but it's sort of become something more time-consuming than I wanted it to be. And honestly, I have no idea where it's going. I wish I could just dash off a stand-alone strip on a piece of sketch paper each week, but I guess my tendency is to try to make a story out of something. So, at best you'll get EHM in addition to Volume 2 each week. At worst...I have no idea. But I appreciate the positive response during this extended break!

A few things worthy of note. I'll be exhibiting this upcoming weekend, September 4th and 5th, at SF Zine Fest. If you're in the bay area, come on by! And I'll also be at SPX the following week in Bethesda, Maryland, which should be a good time.

Monday the 30th is the last day you can ask your comic shop retailer to order the book for their store! So please spread the love! The code is AUG101056

And this coming Friday, September 3rd, is the last day to order a book from me with a free sketch!