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Dumb Dumb Butt

2010-07-29 09:15:05

Oh, you know that kind of day. When you just don't care enough to react. All that's left to say is GuHhhHh.

HEY! Thank you to all those who've ordered the book so far! I know some of you are waiting until you get monies, etc. And I know some of you are just not going to buy it and that's okay. But HEY, maybe you want to support the comic in another way.

Here's the other way: Ask your local comic shop to order Pang, The Wandering Shaolin Monk Vol 1! It's in the newest (August) Diamond Previews catalog. It's a staff pick and an indie edge pick by Stan Sakai! Here's the code that you should give them: AUG101056. Asking them to order it doesn't mean you gotta buy it, but it will help me out! Thanks, guys!

Oh, yeah. Comic-Con was awesome! Thank you to everyone who showed up at my table. It was really great to meet people who have been reading for years! Recap forthcoming.

Oh, and this again forever.